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Photos by Sam Ngengi Good morning? Saying that makes me realize how long it has been since I last blogged in the am. Have I ever even blogged in the morning? I don’t know anymore. As promised, here’s the heels version of this look. I didn’t change anything, only the shoes. That small change did take […]

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Photography by Sam Ngengi Good evening people? How are you? How has the month been treating you? Mine’s been good, busy, but good. This post was to go up in the am but I spent most of the day shooting videos, then I was too beat afterwards. Better late than never though, right? That also […]

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Photography by Sam Ngengi Hello people? How is September treating you? Well I hope… I have no idea at what point in life I changed to a woman who could wear black head to toe, but I loooove it… I’ve always been drawn to colour, all my life. Lately though, something has changed. You’re more […]

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Photos by Charles Ngomo Hey, Happy new month!! The year has indeed flown by, but the best thing about it, Christmaaaas! I don’t know why I love Christmas really, I just do. It’s the little child in me. About a week ago, I and a couple of other peeps went out for dinner at Urban […]

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  Photography by Sam Ngengi Heeeeey? How are you all? Long long time no speak. See what had happened was…I took a one week break, then another, and another and before I knew it, it was August and I still hadn’t gotten back to blogging hence the name of the post. I fell down the […]

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Photos by Sam Ngengi Hello good people? Happy new month in advance, seeing as next time I’ll be on here, it’ll be May already. This post was to go up on Tuesday but I ran out of body fuel, completely. I never want to bring you guys substandard and uninspired posts just because it’s Tuesday and […]

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Photography by Sayari Photography Hello everyone? How are you? THE hat is back on the blog. At this rate, I feel like we should just name this hat. It’s not done even a quarter of its appearances here yet, so brace yourselves. See how my jacket and the hat match? Pure coincidence. I’d been wearing […], suits, fashion blogger, style blogger

“Which is odd because you’d think as a fashion blogger, I can dress for whatever occasion.And I can, except when the occasion presented is dressing for the office. “ Good morning from a rather cold Nairobi. How are you guys? I don’t know how to dress formally. My ideal office is one where the dress […]

Hey people? Trust you have been good and that you are having a good week so far. My jumpsuit today is a direct juxtaposition of the one in my previous post.  Whereas the other one is a daytime look, this is a nighttime look. Red carpet even, if you will. The other one was loose […]

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