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Liz Madowo,, Queen Bee, Fashion Blogger, Style Blogger, Kenyan Fashion blogger

Photography by bmpicz Hey people? Happy new month… hard to believe we’re already halfway past the year. How are you doing with those new year resolutions? Hehe I have been dreaming of this outfit for a while now, but was a bit hesitant because I already styled this suit here. However, I finally said to […]

Liz Madowo,, Fashion Blogger, Style Blogger, Kenyan Fashion Blogger, Flower Child

SHOP HERE Photos by Sam Ngengi Hiiii everyone? I am very excited about this post. This look is one of my favourites mostly because it’s so simple and chic, and girly. I’m not girly, at all, but this is not news. See here where I went on a rant about the expectations of being girly. What can […]

Pink trouser cover

Hey guys? First things first, happy new month. Already 9 days in, gosh! Oh also in that introduction line, I almost said, I’m the realest. Which is not a lie but that would just be so inappropriate, keeping in mind that appropriateness is very highly rated in society generally, 50 years ago more than now. […]


Photos by Sam Ngengi Happy new month everyone! Oh, the joys that come with Christmas! Because yes, the best thing about November is that it is the month just before the month when Christmas is. I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year. Maybe because I’m probably gonna be done with my undergrad or because […], liz madowo, fashion blogger, style blogger, Kenyan Fashion Blogger

Photos by Sam Ngengi Hey people? How are you guys? I think my post title is very appropriate. I like to think of myself as pretty much a black and white girl. No gray areas here. So yeah, a post title can sometimes describe  someone. I wore this outfit on Thursday and got a surprisingly […], liz madowo, fashion blogger, style blogger, Kenyan Fashion Blogger

Photos by Sleek Studios Hey everyone? First things first, happy new month to you all. Even though we are already 7 days into it. I think the month is new until we are halfway into it then it stops being a new month. Second, I am back almost a month later. Sorry for the super […]

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