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Photography by Avid Clicks Hey guys? I hope you had a good Easter (yes, I’m fully aware that that was a week ago but it’s never too late to reminisce on the long weekend we had) . We had a blast with the family upcountry. I’ve been in a funk the last couple of weeks, […]

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Photos by Maureen Natumi, except the first one and watermarked ones. Hey guys? Happy New month! Anyone looking forward to the end of the year break? I know I am, I can imagine it now. Waking up slowly with nowhere to go, brunch is the order of the day, and I can binge watch things […]

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Photography by Sayari Photography Hello everyone? How are you? THE hat is back on the blog. At this rate, I feel like we should just name this hat. It’s not done even a quarter of its appearances here yet, so brace yourselves. See how my jacket and the hat match? Pure coincidence. I’d been wearing […]

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Photos by Sayari Photography Hello good people? This post is up later in the day than usual, but we all know, better late than never. Unless it’s to a job interview in which case, you’re screwed. Also, I have a very legit reason for the delay: I was adding new items to my E-Shop so […]

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