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    Photography by Sam Ngengi Hello people? How are you? Two days to Valentine’s Day, wow! I hope if you have a SO ( Significant Other) then you’re looking forward to it. For us singles, it kind of beats purpose, no? Or what do you guys think? Second part of my Valentine’s Day outfits […]

Hey people? Trust you have been good and that you are having a good week so far. My jumpsuit today is a direct juxtaposition of the one in my previous post. ¬†Whereas the other one is a daytime look, this is a nighttime look. Red carpet even, if you will. The other one was loose […], liz madowo, fashion blogger, style blogger, Kenyan Fashion Blogger

Photos by Gilbert Kamaliza Hey people? How is everyone? It’s been a minute. Exams and stuff has been going on. However, I am one semester away from finishing the 8-4-4 system, so that’s something. Yesterday we lost a comedienne and fashionista Joan Rivers. Many a soul were wounded by her words but I genuinely liked […]

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