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Photography by Smith Cornelius  Hey everyone? How are you? Well, I hope. I am fantastic myself, still on a high from my BAKE NOMINATION for Best Fashion and Style Blog Thank you guys all so much for the sweet messages and for voting. There’s still time to vote, it ends on 30th April and you can VOTE […]

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Photography by Bobo Photography Hey guys? What’s good? What’s popping? No video today, again. I’m sorry, I promise am getting my life in order and will have a video up next week, Promise, promise, promise. Lakini, c you watch the others on my channel in the meantime, yeah? I’m wearing lace, again. Yes, I practically […]

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Photography by Bobo Photography Hey guys? How are you doing? I don’t have a video today, though you can catch up on the numerous videos on my channel here.  I have a post instead, that was supposed to be up on Wednesday like always, but technology let me down. It is refreshing though, that just this […]

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Photography by Avid Clicks Hey guys? I hope you had a good Easter (yes, I’m fully aware that that was a week ago but it’s never too late to reminisce on the long weekend we had) . We had a blast with the family upcountry. I’ve been in a funk the last couple of weeks, […]

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Photos by Maureen Natumi, except the first one and watermarked ones. Hey guys? Happy New month! Anyone looking forward to the end of the year break? I know I am, I can imagine it now. Waking up slowly with nowhere to go, brunch is the order of the day, and I can binge watch things […]

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Photos by Sam Ngengi Hey guys? How is the cold treating you? It’s warm out today though so that’s something. Full disclosure, I love the cold season. Rather, I think I know how to dress better for the cold than warm season. I like putting some thought into my outfits and summer doesn’t really let […]

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Hey guys, how you doing? Sorry this post was meant to go up yesterday but I took the day off to mourn the end of the world 😩 Ok, maybe I exaggerate but it’s pretty damn close. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I can’t help you, sorry. How fitting that this look […]

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Photography by Sam Ngengi Happy new month everyone…How is the month treating you? I know it’s only been 2 days but still, the month has been treating you some way… I recently had a shopping trip to Gikomba, hadn’t been in ages, but I managed to score some goodies. I’ll do a thrift haul video […]

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Photography by Sam Ngengi Hello people? How is September treating you? Well I hope… I have no idea at what point in life I changed to a woman who could wear black head to toe, but I loooove it… I’ve always been drawn to colour, all my life. Lately though, something has changed. You’re more […]

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Photos by Spinkly Photography Hey people? How are you? Thank you for the great response in my last post. You guys are far too kind. I am going to try and do more hair posts, maybe even videos, maybe being the keyword. I don’t think I’d have a high table among the naturalistas, but I’d […]

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