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Photography by Sam Ngengi Good evening people? How are you? How has the month been treating you? Mine’s been good, busy, but good. This post was to go up in the am but I spent most of the day shooting videos, then I was too beat afterwards. Better late than never though, right? That also […]

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Photos by Charles Ngomo Hey, Happy new month!! The year has indeed flown by, but the best thing about it, Christmaaaas! I don’t know why I love Christmas really, I just do. It’s the little child in me. About a week ago, I and a couple of other peeps went out for dinner at Urban […]

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Photography by Sam Ngengi How are you people? This month has floooown by, or is it just me? My post is a day late, because life and Zuku, mostly Zuku. This entire week, we haven’t had internet. Like the entire freaking week!!!! At this rate, I might just go and protest at their offices. I […], fashion blogger, Mix n Match

“This particular one is a bodycon dress that does great justice to my legs and derriere. I especially like the fact that it’s long sleeved so it doesn’t overdo the sexiness.”     Hey people? This outfit is perfectly matched, I think. Everything goes with something. The top with the skirt, the shoes with the […], style blogger, Sukuma Wiki

  “I usually hesitate to make such declarations about my clothes because then what follows is incessant wearing until it falls apart. It’s not pretty at all! “Hey people? Can you believe June is practically over? I keep telling my friends Christmas is almost here but they don’t listen. Now it’s only six months away. […]

Photos by Sam Ngengi Happy new month everyone! Oh, the joys that come with Christmas! Because yes, the best thing about November is that it is the month just before the month when Christmas is. I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year. Maybe because I’m probably gonna be done with my undergrad or because […], liz madowo, fashion blogger, style blogger, Kenyan Fashion Blogger

Photos by Sam Ngengi Hey people? How are you guys? I think my post title is very appropriate. I like to think of myself as pretty much a black and white girl. No gray areas here. So yeah, a post title can sometimes describe ¬†someone. I wore this outfit on Thursday and got a surprisingly […], liz madowo, fashion blogger, style blogger, Kenyan Fashion Blogger

Photos by Gilbert Kamaliza Hi lovely people? I am blogging on a Saturday, and before 11am no less. Well, this is new for me. I guess this is what my cousin Aloyce would call the vicissitudes of life. Oh wait, I blogged on Saturday last week but that was only because the post refused to […]

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