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Photography by Bobo Photography Hey guys? How are you doing? I don’t have a video today, though you can catch up on the numerous videos on my channel here.  I have a post instead, that was supposed to be up on Wednesday like always, but technology let me down. It is refreshing though, that just this […]

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Photos by Sabrina Hello everyone? Happy new month…Again, whoop whoop for Christmas being around the corner. I can’t for the life of me figure out what is up with Nairobi’s weather. One second it’s hot, the next it’s cold. Take the day we shot this for example, it was so sunny even this tiny dress […]

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    Photography by Sam Ngengi Hello people? How are you? Two days to Valentine’s Day, wow! I hope if you have a SO ( Significant Other) then you’re looking forward to it. For us singles, it kind of beats purpose, no? Or what do you guys think? Second part of my Valentine’s Day outfits […]

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Photos by Sam Ngengi Hello good people? How are you? I don’t know how to describe my style. If you were to ask me, what’s your style, I’d say fun. That’s what I always say, mostly because I really don’t know what else to say. A while back, I was into colours and prints, alooot. […]

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Photography by Sayari Photography Hey guys? How’s the 4th day of February taking you? I’m good, thinking of a new series on the blog. It’ll be called HOW TO. So I’ll show you different ways to style one particular item. If you have any items you’d like me to style, tell me in the comment […]

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