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By on May 16, 2014


Wassup people?

I haven’t blogged basically the whole week and that is a long time for a new blogger like me.  Time is flying by way too fast. Before we know it, it’s gonna be Christmas then 2015 will be  here with us already. Anybody else feeling me? No? OK, moving on…

It’s another sad day in our beloved country Kenya as once more, twin blasts are reported, killing and injuring people.  Makes me wonder what our country is coming to. And it’s not just me, I was hanging out with my friends today and we were all wondering the same thing. What is happening to our country? It’s sad really. I pray that God watches over us.

I wore this outfit yesterday when going for driving. I am limited to wearing flat shoes since it is apparently not advisable to learn driving in heels. I got bored with my flats so I threw on some wedges. Because as we all know, life is way too short to wear flats only. So almost everyday, I always try on like a million clothes before I decide what to wear. This was one of those days. It took me about a whole hour after showering to pick out this outfit. I like doing different things with normal everyday clothes and this was one of them.

I wore a jumpsuit then threw on this oversize top. Result: a harem pant look with a top. Also, I am trying to wear more of my clothes. My cousin Vicky recently pointed out to me that I have lots of clothes but only wear a few of them so I’m challenging myself to wear most of my clothes before the year ends. Except denim. Everybody knows you have to wear your denim, severally.








Jumpsuit- My jeans guy

Top- Gikomba

Shoes- Random vendor in town

Bag- Guy at Bellevue

Bangles- Fort Jesus, Mombasa

Earrings- Mr Price

Chain- DIY

Necklace- Luo Festival

Shades- Gift from my Brother

Lest I forget, Wednesday was my girl Sandra’s birthday and Thursday my girl Belinda’s birthday so happy birthday lovelies, much love. We did a cookout today to celebrate because anything else is just too mainstream. Can I just say, us guys know how to throw down! We also played Heads up Charades, a game played by Ellen DeGeneres on her show and it is very enjoyable. Lots of fun if you are in a group. You can find this game on Play store and iTunes.  My team kicked ass, even though the other team beat us by 4 points.  I am saying this because we started pretty weak and to be beaten by only 4 points, that’s an achievement in itself.

I am done I promise, but one final thing. Shout-out to my teammates, Lisa and Snaida, you rock. Belinda, Sandra and Getty, you rock just a bit less than us. Sidney, you missed a mighty good time.




May 17, 2014 @ 18:22



Diana Ratemo

May 18, 2014 @ 07:10


that animal print is on point! 🙂 <3


May 18, 2014 @ 08:08


Thank you

Steve Obote

May 21, 2014 @ 00:55


That’s a good piece Liz; like the flow and style, buh quite head over heels with yo’self.

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