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By on October 22, 2014


Yeah, I know. Like really Liz? Aha, I’m going there.
Before I go off rambling, how are you guys? Hope the week is good so far?
I’m taking a tiny break from style blogging since my photographer is away. And the best thing about blogging with no images, you don’t need a laptop. How convenient!
I found this an interesting topic to cover for my first writing post. Immediately I thought, should I make it a true post or a hilarious post? None of the above or all of the above because it’s gonna be a hilariously true post (see what I did there?).
So here goes the reasons why I’m single. I hope I get to five maybe. (It is going to be a bit of a long read)
1. It’s never that serious
This is my mantra in life. People have You only live once, you don’t need permission to be awesome and you make your own happiness but for me, this just works.  Like literally everything that wants to stress me even a little abit, see school, relationships and life in general, the reply is always the same; it’s never that serious.
So with considerable hindsight, this is not a very good way to approach relationships. Or is it not?  OK, kidding. It certainly is not.
2. Sarcasm
I don’t even think this is an actual reason. You either get sarcasm or you don’t. I fall in the former category and I don’t have any reasons to defend those who don’t. Period. Wait, unless your Sheldon Cooper then yeah, rock on.
3. Not needy
Now, I need to expound a bit on this. You see, men like to be needed, and I don’t know how to need them. I’d rather change my bulb alone than call you to come and change it. Because trully, that’s a waste of resources and aren’t we all trying to conserve our fast depleting resources? My height does not help either since their will never be anything out of my reach. Ever!  So it just does not work men, just does not work! It’s not for lack of trying either.
4. I’m too young
I am at the tender age of  22. I am too young. I am only figuring out what I want to do with my life now, how can I be expected to be in  a relationship? I struggle with decisions such as what nailpolish to apply and what colour to dye my hair next and whether I want Birkenstocks or not ( still haven’t decided by the way). Add a relationship and I’m a completely lost soul. The world will no longer be my oyster.
5. Boring
Yeah, I can call myself boring, kwani? On Friday night, if am at home, I’ll most likely be cooking and/or watching The Trend. If I’m at school, this is where it gets more boring, I’ll be watching a movie or on my phone, going through my instagram feed and living vicariously through other fashion bloggers. So in short, I’m a homebody.
The worst part is, I’m totally OK with it. This means I also go to all the wrong places, read places that don’t involve me living like a vampire.
6. Too comfortable
There is being single and wanting to not be single then there is where I am at. I am a tad too comfortable about singlehood. Perhaps it’s my tender age or I just honestly don’t care. Either way, I am comfortable in this place.
7.Strong personality
This is an actual thing that I was told by a man. Verbatim really, not that it’s long enough to paraphrase. Now, I’m not saying you should go around believing every thing that has ever been thrown your way by a man. But I went, and sat down and looked and saw some truth in it. Soooo, strong personality women, where are you at?
8. Picky
I couldn’t finish this post without adding this. Because which woman is not! I am picky so chances are, I’ll proably say no to almost every dude that hits on me.
On this point, my cousin Aloyce would say I’m a diva but who’s listening to him?

There you have it. The reasons why I’m single. I hope you had a good read and mostly, a good laugh really, because at the end of the day, it’s never that serious.
Thank you for reading, STAY FEARLESS.
Let’s talk soon when I return with a style post or a writing post, who knows? The world after all, is my oyster.



October 23, 2014 @ 04:37


ahaha we have almost the same thing in common, now i’m wondering why i’m single too.


October 24, 2014 @ 20:44


not so solid reasons


October 27, 2014 @ 10:11


ok fine so may I should also write about why am still single. Like 18 is old enough to be married (Neymar has a three-years old kid and he’s only 21) Or ain’t boys supposed to be single? But methinks am just boresome and that’s why I still spend the weekend reading my novels for the hundredth time. By the way do you have some you can lend a single soul?
And yes your post is hilarious your GSOH is lemmie say unrivaled.

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