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Prints, colours,


Happy new month everyone!!! February, the month of love, is here.

I am excited for this month. I finally started jogging today. This was one of my new year resolutions and I somehow got the morale to begin today. Waking up was a struggle though. I just lay there, considering whether I really really wanted to run, or to continue with my sleep. Well, I guess we know how that story ended.

I got this dress a while back and I’ve never worn it. I fell in love with the asymmetrical shape,the prints and colours immediately I saw it. My friend Ruth then bought it for me. You know,such are the friends you need in this life. Friends who will buy you a dress even though they completely don’t understand it. I guess I have never quite found the right occasion to wear it.

You know the way they say that when you’re mixing colours, work with three colours only? I say so long as you don’t look crazy mixing a million colours, go right ahead. I think I worked with maybe five colours in this outfit and it looks fiiiine, according to me that is. And how sick are these shoes? A very random evening ended up with my friend Mel and I buying these shoes and the black ones in my birthday post. They were on 50% sale too…

Colours, prints,


Colours, prints,


Colours, prints,


Colours, prints,


Colours, prints,


Colours, prints,


colours, prints,


Outfit details:

Dress and Belt- Gifted

Shoes- Lavington Mall

Bangles- Addis Ababa

Earrings- Mr Price

Photos by Victor King’e

Thank you for reading. My Article of the Week will be up in my next post so look out for that.







February 27, 2015 @ 11:47


That was an evening well spent Liz. And to recall that only you walked out of the store with shoes that night – two pairs in fact – and quite literally strutted out in them 🙂 !

Liz Madowo

February 27, 2015 @ 13:00


Hehehe, I know, right? Good times men, good times

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