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By on September 11, 2014


Photos by Gilbert Kamaliza

Hey lovely people? I hope you are having a good week. I was about to say weekend, because for me, the weekend began yesterday. That’s the only positive thing about exam period.

I have worn this look three times in a span of 2 months max. And no, I am not mildly obsessed with the look. Not at all. The first time was to my friend Tony’s going away party. The second time, last Saturday for late lunch with friends. I was to take photos for the blog that day but turns out photography is not allowed at Zion Mall, Eldoret. *boohoo* So of course I wore it again during the week so I could take photos.

In very serious news. anybody know what these pants are called? I know,rather think, they are not palazzo. Wait, I just Googled and they are palazzo pants. I knew they were palazzo until Snyder convinced me otherwise. Be careful people, such are the bad friends your mother warned you about. You know, the ones who say your palazzo pants are NOT palazzo. Ok, enough with that word palazzo already.

Enjoy the pictures and be sure to identify those bad friends, lol…





I am wearing-

Top- Gifted

Pants and Clutch bag- Gikomba

Shoes- Bought from a friend

Neckpiece- Maasai Market

Earrings- Mr Price

Arm cuffs- Dubois

Thank you for reading.

And remember to, STAY FEARLESS.


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