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By on September 15, 2015, NUR LOVE, Fashion Blogger, Style blogger

Photos by Spinkly Photography

Hey people? How is everyone?

First things first, I graduated from Moi University  just the other day. Ok, not exactly the other day. More like on 3rd of this month. If you follow me on social media though, this is old news. Figured I’d share it here for those of you who don’t follow me on those platforms. I’ll do a shoot with the outfit I wore that day some time in this lifetime. Lol, I kid. I’ll do it soon.

Also, see anything familiar? The top and chains.They are both from the previous post. I wanted to do a semi-formal look and somehow, this is the only top, in my entire closet, that worked with this skirt. If you have seen my closet, you know this is hardly a possibility but guess what, it happened. Or maybe, I just didn’t look hard enough. I am obsessed with these two chains. From the moment I saw them, I knew I’d over wear them and so far, I’ve not disappointed.

This mesh pencil skirt is from NUR, which also happens to be where I work. Perks of working for a fashion designer guys. I am not big on form fitting clothes, leave alone pencil skirts. In fact, most of my form fitting clothes are denim. When I saw this skirt though, I knew I had to wear it and style it differently. This is the first instalment, the other two will be up tomorrow and the day after.

As I mentioned, this is a semi-formal look. If your office is a bit more strict, throw on a jacket over it. Probably a black one to avoid looking like a unicorn. Which makes me wonder, who has really ever seen a unicorn and when did we start spoiling their good name?, NUR LOVE, Fashion Blogger, Style blogger, NUR LOVE, Fashion Blogger, Style blogger, NUR LOVE, Fashion Blogger, Style blogger, NUR LOVE, Fashion Blogger, Style blogger, NUR LOVE, Fashion Blogger, Style blogger, NUR LOVE, Fashion Blogger, Style blogger


Outfit Details:

Top- Eldoret

Mesh Pencil Skirt- NUR

Shoes- Gift

Bag- Gikomba

Chains- Jatu Designs

Earrings- Gift

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Thank you for reading, and as always, STAY FEARLESS. 





September 15, 2015 @ 14:49


beautiful…really love that skirt

Liz Madowo

September 15, 2015 @ 19:18


Thank you Ann. The skirt for sure is a favourite.

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