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By on May 14, 2014


Hey people? The week has flown by so fast. It is mid-week already!

I promised I would do this post on Tuesday but time just flew right by me. Before I realized it, it was 11.30pm Tuesday night. Still, here I am, blogging about the awesome day that Sunday was. It’s 12.30pm as I write this by the way. Anyway, here goes…


We went to Habesha,an Ethiopian restaurant which is on Argwings Kodhek Road, I think. It’s pretty easy to find though if you want to trace it since it’s just on the road. It is also on Google maps so makes the work even easier. It is a pretty cosy place and is awesome if you are going as a family or with friends.  In fact now that I think about it, almost every body there was in a group. They are open till 12am. Not many restaurants can boast about that since most are always closed by 10. I’s an outdoor place so if you go there at night, be sure to dress warmly. Did I say they had a fire lit that kept the place warm?

It was my second time there but the rest of the people were there for the first time.



The service was okay. I’d give it probably a 5/10. It took us almost ten minutes to order and this was because we could not understand each other with the waiter. Blame it on the language barrier.The food however arrived pretty quickly, considering the time it took us to order. It took less than 10 minutes! For me, that was just amazing.



My cousin Alois and I arrived earlier so we ordered Ethiopian coffee and Ethiopian tea, respectively. Alois is a coffee lover and he really enjoyed his coffee. So much so that he wanted to order another cup. Saved by the rest of the people arriving, thats all I can say.My tea, nothing was vavavoom about it. It was just Ethiopian tea with a Kenyan tea bag.



We ordered three different kinds of foods, whose names  I do not remember since they were in Amharic, at least I figured so because thats the language spoken in Ethiopia. But, they are all explained in English so do not despair. The one I do remember is mixed dish, apart from the obvious fact that is is in English, which was the main meal.

The mixed dish came with minced meat, made in three different ways, and vegetables(read cabbages and kales) on anjera. There was also extra anjera. The other two dishes were meat and chicken. I must say, the chicken was awesome, Well, the whole meal was amazing but the chicken was the star of the meal. I would not advise you to eat the minced meat in the middle (see photo) if you dont like spicy stuff. Youll be asking for a glass of water a second later, I assure you.





The prices range from Ksh 800-1000 for the meals. The tea and coffee, I don’t remember. None of us had any drinks apart from coffee, tea and hot water so I cant really speak on the prices of drinks.

Generally, it’s a nice place to go for an outing with the family or friends. We all loved it and would not mind going back there again.

Now, let a girl go get some sleep.


20140511_212830[1]                                                                                  My cousin Alois is a food hog

PS: Check out more photos from this dinner on my facebook page


Eric oiye

May 14, 2014 @ 07:16


have been at the same place with my bro,loved the Ethiopia ugali,but you can have it much more than 2 rolls,agree,aloise,food hog


May 14, 2014 @ 11:03


Yes. It is quite filling

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