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By on September 13, 2014


20140909_173720Photos by Gilbert Kamaliza 

Wassup people? Good weekend so far I hope?

Uhhhhmm, I am blogging at night. Why? I have been exhausted most of the day. Had a birthday dinner for two of my friends, Getty and Sidney and got back at around one. You know what that means, sleeping most of the day and the rest, trying to actually do something constructive with my life. The result, FAIL since I actually started my day at 5pm. Yeah, I am pretty much doing nothing with my life *sigh*

Something I did right with my life however is buying this Maasai neckpiece. So picture this, I am with Sandra at a pork joint, and some guy comes in wearing this neckpiece just as we are about to leave. So I’m like, I really like that neckpiece and Sandra is all, you should ask him where he got it. So I asked him and turns out he is Samburu (a tribe in Kenya for my non-Kenyan readers) and they make them. After a short negotiation, he agreed to sell it for me. Yes, I actually got it from his neck to mine.

For this look, I paired my oh-so-trustworthy A-line skirt with a chambray top. My purple heels also came out to play after a long time. I had forgotten how comfortable they are. I walked with them the whole day and not a single pain. However that evening, the soles of my feet were mourning in ten different languages. So maybe not so comfortable after all. But I digress… I added my newly acquired neckpiece, a gifted bracelet and some African button earrings to complete the look.

Enjoy these photos that were taken when the sun was just right…





20140909_173841Outfit details:

Top- My friend Akisa

Skirt- Mombasa

Shoes- Vendor at SanaSana, South B

Bag- Vendor in Town

Maasai Neckpiece- See story above

Maasai Bracelet- Gifted

Earrings- Dubois

Thank you for reading. Have a good weekend and as always,







September 13, 2014 @ 21:54


Couldn’t help but notice the hair cut, did you get it cut shorter on the sides? And oh, the neck piece is something out of this world. One more thing, have you ever considered writing? I think you are an entertaining writer and love the way you play around with words.


September 13, 2014 @ 22:02


Yes Tracie, I did trim it a bit. Got bored of the longer one. It might easily be my fav neckpiece now. Well about writing, I have never actually considered it but I guess you could say I am using a bit of it here, don’t you think? Hehe. Thank you for the complement and who knows, perhaps someday I’ll be a writer 🙂

paul teddy's collection (Eldoret)

September 14, 2014 @ 09:20


Looking effortlessly nice,many would ignore such a simple top and this short A line skirt as old school,but that’s before they saw these pictures . perfect length of the skirt and heels makes legs’endless’


September 14, 2014 @ 09:27


Hehehe,thank you Paul. And that’s what I’m about all day everyday, endless legs

shadrack mutua

September 15, 2014 @ 09:29


nyc simplicity lyf

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