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By on April 11, 2016

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Hey people? Happy new month. Is the month still new 11 days in?

I haven’t blogged in a while, took longer to get back than I expected. I’m here now, and am not going anywhere, I hope.

First up, is my long overdue hair post. So many of you want to know what I do with my hair, for reasons that still escape me. I’ll try tell you all that I can but it’s bound to be wordy so saddle up. I do love to talk so that may make the post longer than it would have been.

Also, if you follow me on social media, by now you know and have seen that I dyed my hair purple.  I’ll do a post about it soon.


Liz Madowo,, Fashion Blogger, Style Blogger, Kenyan Fashion Blogger, Hair Q&A

My hair cut, that’s all my hair dresser. Actually, everything is him, maybe he should be doing this post since he knows better what he does to my hair. Initially, I wanted a pixie cut, so badly I was ready to relax my hair again. The reason I couldn’t get it when I wanted to was because my hair was too short so we agreed that I’d grow it out then get the cut. In between growing it out for my pixie cut and my next salon appointment, I fell in love with my natural hair. So yes, my hair is all natural.

I’ve been natural maybe 2 years now, and in that time I have always dyed my hair and it has always been short. Some days though, I see an afro and I wonder how I’d look in one. Perhaps I’ll wake up one day and decide to grow one.

Liz Madowo,, Fashion Blogger, Style Blogger, Kenyan Fashion Blogger, T-shirt Dress, African Jewellery

I colour my hair monthly to bi-monthly,depending on how I feel and how much the colour has faded. Now this is the problem, we never use one dye since I like having different shades of red and maroon. Today I could dye bright red, and the next appointment, I dye it maroon. I’ve used Subaru before, and a ton of other dyes that I honestly do not remember. When you’ve been dyeing your hair as long as I have,at some point, the brands get all mixed up.

A friend told me Subaru cuts hair but I honestly have too much hair, I wouldn’t notice even if half of it was gone. While still on the same point, I don’t do anything special to make my hair grow longer or thicker. Reason being, that’s not my final goal. I like short hair, so trying to achieve length would be unnecessary, even though I almost never trim it. The thickness, that’s all ma mama i.e, genes.

Frequent colouring of hair will cut it, that’s for sure so proceed with caution. If you have thin hair especially, try to stay away from frequent colouring as much as possible. The other option would be to use natural/ chemical free colours like food colour. The downside of this is that it does not stay as long as permanent colour.

Liz Madowo,, Fashion Blogger, Style Blogger, Kenyan Fashion Blogger, Hair Q&A

To the most important question, how do I get my hair to look like it does. I straw set it, simple as that. The photo above shows how my hair looks a day after it’s been straw set. Once that is done, I don’t comb it, at all. I run my fingers through it and that’s about it. I oil it using coconut oil every other day and voila! I try to stay away from washing my hair as much as possible since it’s coloured.

The straw set involves over an hour under the dryer, also known as my worst part of the entire process. The longer you stay under the dryer, the more defined your curls will be, and the longer they’ll stay. If you’re not feeling the whole sitting under a dryer for over an hour thing, I’m sure you could just sit there for a couple of hours, or overnight and finally the look will be the same. I think, so please don’t quote me on that.

Personally I don’t mind the heat as it’s the only heat I subject my hair to for about a month. I’d advice to desist from using heat too frequently on your hair, it will dry it out and cut it. Important to note that, my hair is pretty tough, which is why my curls stay for so long. I like the feel of soft hair but not on my head. My kinky african hair and all its toughness is just fine for me. I am not particularly fond of people touching my hair but if I do let you touch it and you find it’s tough, don’t go all hair whisperer on me, giving me tips on how to make it soft and stuff., suits, fashion blogger, style blogger

This photo is of my hair after a couple of weeks, as you can see, my growth is coming through in a major way. I give it about 3-4 weeks before I go back and straw set it again. Basically, when I’m on the verge of looking homeless, then that’s my cue to make a salon appointment.

The most important thing I will probably say in this post is this: Everyone has different hair textures and types. Find a good hairdresser, tell them your vision and they’ll execute it flawlessly. I have found what works for me and I don’t think I’ll be changing it anytime soon. After all, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. My hair whisperer is called Jemo, he’s based at Ebonny Salon and Spa, First floor at Old Mutual Building in town. He is legit, I can tell you this for free.

I tried to address all that I can, but if you have any questions still, feel free to ask. I’ll try to answer them as best as humanly possible.

Jemo- 0722738730

Thank you for reading, and I hope you find this post helpful. If yes, comment below, if no, still comment.





April 13, 2016 @ 12:45


Hi, i love your work its so chic, elegant and simple. could you do a post on how you keep fit? you have a banging body(add envious there) i must say.

Liz Madowo

April 13, 2016 @ 12:58


Thank you Wangeci, I appreciate the love. I don’t do anything, though I rarely eat junk, almost always home cooked meals. Plus I walk a lot, but that’s just life, hehe.

Charity Bhoke

October 19, 2018 @ 11:10


Hi Liz, would you advise bleaching hair before dyeing to make the color more intense?

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