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Photo-15Wassup guys? I hope you guys had a good weekend.

I have been trying to read a bit more lately. So far, mostly online articles. I’ll get on the books bandwagon soon. A book every week will be the way to start when I finally start. In line with this, I want to start an Article of the Week segment. I’ll basically share an article that I read and found interesting. It may be one, two or ten. Ok, maybe not ten considering the attention span of our beloved generation. Feel free to share with me the articles that you fund interesting. They can be from a month ago, a week ago, yesterday or today.

My first article is rather old and was sent to me by a friend a while back. Thanks Eric. I found it interesting because I’m totally this girl. Have a good read and tell me what you think. The second article was all over Facebook about two weeks ago.

Article(s) of the Week

1. 8 Reasons why you should Marry the Complicated Girl

2. The ‘New’ Side Chick: I Was Her




lizmadowo.co.ke, flared jumpsuit, african jewellery



lizmadowo.co.ke, flared jumpsuit, african jewellery


Outfit details-

Jumpsuit- Moi avenue

Top- Gifted

Shoes- Nairobi Street vendors

Wooden bracelets- Sondeka Fest and Mombasa

Maasai bracelet- Maasai Market

Maasai neckpiece- Eldoret

Photos by Victor King’e




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May 1, 2015 @ 00:18


You look good, keep moving.

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