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By on July 1, 2014


Happy new month everyone. I pray you are all well this fine Tuesday Morning?

I was supposed to do this post on Sunday, then on Monday but believe me when I tell you that by the time I got home those two days, it was a rather ungodly hour for a blog post. But here we are today so that’s something at least.

I wore this outfit to church… starting to sound like a broken record here, since all my outfits have been to church but again I ask, bear with me. Two weeks tops and I will do so many posts you’ll get tired of me. Ok, back to my outfit now. I wore it to church, and I feel like it is such an easy look. No hassle, no stress. On a day when maybe you just want to chill, perhaps hang out with friends, maybe take an unexpected drive to Moi Girls School, Nairobi, drop by Maasai Market…you get the drift. Yes, those also happen to be the things I did on Sunday.

Tony, my friend and photographer, was like, “you like print, I’ve decided. I have taken so many photos of print outfits.” It is true, I do like print, a lot. I feel they have the ability to take an outfit from drab to fab. Especially when paired with a solid bold color like I did.







Can I dance? no. Was I trying to dance? Maybe. Was it a success? The photo says it all.




I wanted to do this post before noon but then sleep got in the way. Pretty close though, yeah?

Top- My friend Akisa

Dress and Bag- Eldoret

Belt- Gift from a friend

Shoes- Gikomba

Neckpiece and Brown bangle- Bridgets Fashion House

Black bangle- Mombasa

Earrings- Dubois

Thank you for reading. Have an awesome week.

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