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By on May 31, 2014


Wassup people?

Sorry I have been a bit MIA. I have been feeling a bit out of the blogging loop. Call it the newcomer’s syndrome, which I have just made up right now. It’s when a new blogger goes through a phase where he/she is not sure whether they should actually blog or not. Like maybe they should just close their blog and go on with their life as it was before they had a blog. It usually happens around one month or so after starting a new blog. However, I am out of that negative space now, and I am back to the loop.

I wore this outfit today when going to the salon. The day looked like it was gonna be pretty warm so I decided to show some leg. Because what is the need of endless legs if you cannot show them. The weather did cooperate, thankfully, otherwise my endless legs and I would have frozen to the death. Ok, I was also going for a pedicure hence the skirt.









Top; Mombasa

Skirt, Belt and Clutch; Gikomba

Sandals and Earrings; Mr Price

Thank you for reading.

PS; My lighter colored hair will make its debut on the blog on Monday. Till then, keep well and have a good weekend.

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