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Liz Madowo,, Kenyan Fashion Blogger, Fashion Blogger, Style Blogger, Youtuber, Kenyan Youtuber, October Favourites

Hey ya’ll, Here’s my October Favourites video. It contains things that I have been loving throughout October and the months before I started Youtube.  

Liz Madowo,, Fashion blogger, Style Blogger, Kenyan Fashion Blogger, Kenyan Youtuber, The Whisper Challenge

Hey guys, I did a whisper challenge featuring my friend Wangari Mathenge, also known as Akisa, and I failed at it, thoroughly. After which, I proceeded to be a sore loser. Watch it below:    

Liz Madowo,, Kenyan Fashion Blogger, Youtuber, Kenyan Youtuber, 1 Pair of Pants, 4 Ways

Hey guys, I’m styling one pair of pants, one of my favourites, 4 different ways. Watch the video below:

Liz Madowo, Kenyan Fashion Blogger, Kenyan Youtuber,, Style blogger, Beauty Products Under 500 bob

Hey guys, Watch my Beauty Products under Kes 500 Video below:

Liz Madowo,, Youtube, Kenyan Fashion Blogger, Fashion Blogger, Style Blogger,

  Hey guys, Here’s my first ever video, it’s a Get To Know Me Tag.

Liz Madowo, Kenyan Fashion blogger, Fashion Blogger, Style Blogger, Youtuber, Kenyan Youtuber, Save or Splurge

Happy Friday, I hope you didn’t get rained on today. I was lucky enough to avoid both the traffic build up and the rain, except I got home to find no lights so in the end, no good deed goes unpunished really. I just uploaded this video, and as per my still relatively new tradition, […]

Liz Madowo,, outfit scenario tag, fashion blogger, style blogger, kenyan fashion blogger

Hey guys? How is your Friday evening? I’m dropping in to share my latest video since I have to run in about 2 seconds. We shot this with my friend Snyder a couple of weeks ago. I styled 10 different outfits for different scenarios, and Snyder commentated on what she’d do differently. We have quite […]

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