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Hey guys, how’s it going? I didn’t have time to shoot this weekend, my fault since I spent the whole of Saturday in bed, and Sunday hosting people. Which is where this insta favourites comes in. I figured I’d let you in on some of my favourite photos recently, and the thought process behind it. […]

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Why am I shouting at you guys? I’m just excited it’s the new year, and this is also my first post of the year. I hope the year has been good to you so far. If not, worry not, we have the whole year to go, it’s bound to turn around at […]

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Photos by Tatiana Karanja Hair by Dennis,  Amadiva Salon Make Up – Wacuka Thimba Cold Shoulder Top – Jonaka’s  Jewellery – Zanta Adeyde Hello good people? How are ya’ll? I have some bomb photos today, and I mean boooomb, but if you follow me on social media, you already saw a preview there. They are from […]

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Photos by Magati Maosa Hello good people? How is the month coming along? Rather swiftly on my side I must say… First things first, could I have chosen a more obvious blog post title? No. Do I regret this decision? Not all. Would I do it again? Probably. Second, I’m doing a different kind of […], A-Z, fashion blogger

Doing a different kind of post today, it might be fun. It’s basically me writing sentences starting with letters A-Z. So here goes… Accepting that I am actually a fan of Diamond Platinumz *sigh* Blogging more frequently than I have in a long time. Channeling my inner Martha Stewart. I think I’m the next great baker you guys. […], liz madowo, fashion blogger, style blogger, Kenyan Fashion Blogger

Yeah, I know. Like really Liz? Aha, I’m going there. Before I go off rambling, how are you guys? Hope the week is good so far? I’m taking a tiny break from style blogging since my photographer is away. And the best thing about blogging with no images, you don’t need a laptop. How convenient! […]

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