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Photography by bmpicz Hello good people? How are you? I’m doing a hair update, one because my last one was so long ago and some things have changed, and two, I didn’t have enough time to edit the images for my would have been today’s post. Read my last hair q&a here.  Also, there have […]

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Hey guys, I hope you’re well. Also, happy new month, May this month bring you closer to your dreams. It’s been almost a year since my last hair post, so I figured it’s time for another update. I dye my hair quite a bit and someone suggested that I should do a video on how […]

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Photos by Spinkly Photography Hi everyone? How are you guys? Been a minute, no? I even kept off social media, which is new for me. Ok, I didn’t completely keep off, I was still there, scrolling and judging, as one does. So, if you guys remember from here, I told you that I don’t do anything […]

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