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By on September 5, 2014


Photos by Gilbert Kamaliza

Hey people? How is everyone?

It’s been a minute. Exams and stuff has been going on. However, I am one semester away from finishing the 8-4-4 system, so that’s something.

Yesterday we lost a comedienne and fashionista Joan Rivers. Many a soul were wounded by her words but I genuinely liked her. Maybe because she was hilarious, in the meanest way possible. May God rest her soul in eternal peace.

So this thing has been going on instagram about 20 random facts about yourself and one person I call a friend, Getty, tagged me. One, why 20 facts? Aren’t those a tad too many? Second, I am gonna keep up with the good Instagram spirit and actually do it *sigh* However, I am gonna do 10, just because 20 is too mainstream. So here goes…

1. I am the last born and only girl in our family.

2. I talk a lot. Perhaps a bit too much. My friends Snyder and Lisa’s exact words were “I am too wordy”. I have a reply for virtually everything.

3. People who don’t know me think I am serious. Actually, I am the most unserious person on planet earth. Maybe, not number one but certainly top 100.



4. I am a foodie. I love food so much. So much my friends think I have worms. Which reminds me, I really should go deworm.

5. I also love cooking. I mean, I can’t be a foodie and not like cooking, yeah? Though, I only enjoy cooking at home, where I can try out a million and one recipes. At school, not so much.

6. I don’t take things seriously. So much it worries me once in a while. Then I think to myself, it’s never that serious, lol.



7. I am single.

8. I get bored with my hair so frequently. I especially cannot keep it long. Oh, I just cut it again, just slightly shorter.




9. I am a nice person, I promise. I just say some really mean but funny things at times.

10. I just realized that my friends and I had such different high school experiences. Precious Blood Riruta students, PBerians as they call themselves, I am shocked y’all survived 4 years in that school. That’s not even a fact, I thought I’d just throw it in there.




A bit of a long post but yeah, those are the ten random facts about me.

Lest I forget, this is actually a jumpsuit I am wearing.



I am wearing;

Peplum top- Mombasa

Jumpsuit- Eldoret

Sandals- Gift from my Cousin

Belt- Gikomba

Bag- Vendor at Bellevue. It’s my favourite bag, don’t judge.

Earrings- Mr Price, bought in a set

Arm cuff- Bridget’s Fashion House

Neckpiece- Dubois

Thank you for reading, and have a good weekend. Talk real soon.

In the meantime, Stay FEARLESS.



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