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newliz Hey guys? Happy new year! Even though the first month of the year is almost over and some of us already had our birthdays.  But, it’s still a new year. So exciting, gosh! Plus, we moved to a new site! How exciting is that?

In even more exciting news, my birthday was on Sunday and my family and friends threw me a surprise party. You should have seen me during the day. I was so agitated, thinking how my birthday was going to pass just like that.  Only to return home, after an entire afternoon of being derailed by my friend Mel, to find friends and family gathered, for my birthday. I haven’t felt that happy in a while.

So I’m dedicating this post to each and every one that made that day special. Whether it was a  call, a text, a tweet, a Facebook message or your physical presence, I truly did appreciate it.  I pray that God continues to bless each and every one of you, and may this year bring with it joy and happiness like you never even thought possible.

I am personally looking forward to the rest of the year. I never make resolutions but this year, I made two and so far, I am already working on one.  I have faith that I will start on the other next week. I’ll reveal them to you in due course, promise. Don’t hold your breath though, they are nothing fancy.

Meantime, have a good one, and thank you for joining me on my new site.  God Bless and per usual, STAY FEARLESS., birthday looks, pink skirtsPhoto-20Photo-22Photo-21Photo-16Photo-25

Outfit details-

Top- Gifted

Skirt- Re-purposed dress

Shoes- Store at Lavington Mall. It has HEART in its name 🙂

Bag- Gikomba

Jewellery- Mr Price and Dubois

Photos by Victor King’e 

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