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Hello good people? It’s been too long, far far too long…I don’t know what happened, I didn’t even mean to pull a disappearing act on you guys but you know how life goes, right? Here’s why I’ve been away for this long Not too long after my last post, 14 days later to be exact, I […]

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Photography by bmpicz Hey people? Happy new month… hard to believe we’re already halfway past the year. How are you doing with those new year resolutions? Hehe I have been dreaming of this outfit for a while now, but was a bit hesitant because I already styled this suit here. However, I finally said to […]

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Photos by bmpicz Hey guys? I hope you’re well, at least better than me who’s fighting my worst flu of the year, or lifetime. I just can’t remember having such a dramatic flu men, it’s been hard… I’m getting better though, which is the only way am even able to put up this post. Some […]

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Hey guys? I hope you’ve been good. Last week’s post didn’t make an appearance, mostly because I didn’t have time to shoot that weekend. Didn’t have time to shoot this weekend either, but I had to give you guys some “new” content. Remember when I did a roundup of outfits in this and this post? […]

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Photos by bmpicz Hey guys? I hope you’re well, and that June is coming along well. Mine is ok, it has been better, but it has also been worse. Did you catch our first collaboration ft. Wangari Mathenge? Click here to read it. This is the second and final post, with myself, Freddie and Nyawira. For the […]

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Photos by bmpics Hey guys? How are you doing? First, that I’m even blogging is nothing short of a miracle. I have been trying to blog since morning, without any success, until now.I will one day tell you the story of today and the last couple of days but for now,let’s try to ignore the […]

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Photography by Bobo Photography Hey guys? What’s good? What’s popping? No video today, again. I’m sorry, I promise am getting my life in order and will have a video up next week, Promise, promise, promise. Lakini, c you watch the others on my channel in the meantime, yeah? I’m wearing lace, again. Yes, I practically […]

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Photography by bmpicz Hello good people? How are you? I’m doing a hair update, one because my last one was so long ago and some things have changed, and two, I didn’t have enough time to edit the images for my would have been today’s post. Read my last hair q&a here.  Also, there have […]

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Photography by Bobo Photography Hey guys? How are you doing? I don’t have a video today, though you can catch up on the numerous videos on my channel here.  I have a post instead, that was supposed to be up on Wednesday like always, but technology let me down. It is refreshing though, that just this […]

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Hey guys, I hope you are having a good month so far. I generally don’t follow trends, but every so often, a trend comes around that I love. Take velvet for example, I can’t remember wearing velvet growing up, but I do remember hating how it looked. It had that cheap look, and was mostly […]

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