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Doing a different kind of post today, it might be fun. It’s basically me writing sentences starting with letters A-Z. So here goes…

Accepting that I am actually a fan of Diamond Platinumz *sigh*

Blogging more frequently than I have in a long time.

Channeling my inner Martha Stewart. I think I’m the next great baker you guys.
Dancing way too often for a girl who has two left feet.
Excited about graduating in September.
Feeling really happy. Though in retrospect, I’m always happy, even when I’m not., A-Z, fashion blogger
Grateful for the wonderful angels in form of family and friends.
Hoping I’ll get to Z in this list.
Increasingly wondering if I’m ever gonna get to Ciara’s dancing lanes. Probably not
Judging someone for using bae. I can’t even… I should probably tell him we are not friends anymore…
Knowing it’s gonna take a while before I finish this post.
Living on the internet. That is all…
Missing campus life and having my friends a hostel away., A-Z, fashion blogger
Needing the new seasons of HTGAWM and Scandal to come out soon. And Stalker…
Operating on the assumption that our neighbours are not home or are really big fans of our music.
Playing Destiny’s Child I’m a Survivor. I also don’t know why men!!!
Questioning my exe’s reasons for hitting me up everyday without fail. I might have to take a whatsapp restraining order against him.
Respecting the women who have legit hustles out here. Realizing more and more that I’m a feminist., A-Z, fashion blogger
Smelling french fries that my cousin is making. Did you know that heating starch at high temperatures results in a chemical called acrylamide? Stumbled upon this info a while back…
Thinking about how complicated matters of the heart are, and why men are so oblivious.
Ukulele which turns out to be a real instrument that could do well in my list of instruments I want to learn to play.
Venturing into unchartered territory with my life. Fingers crossed for that how turns out.., A-Z, fashion blogger
Walking a bit less than I usually do. It’s my form of exercise since I gave up running when the cold season checked in.
Xylophone, because there are not many words beginning with x. Suggestions?
Yearning for Mombasa and all the food there. I am where the food is…
Zaire, a country in Africa which I know nothing about. My Geography teacher failed me., A-Z, fashion blogger
Photos by Spinkly
Thank you for reading my long and pointless post.


Cheptoo Cece

July 3, 2015 @ 16:52


Red head… totally adorable. {Foodie Maybe?”}


July 4, 2015 @ 00:08


i love wat u do gal… humbleness is on point gal


November 16, 2015 @ 08:49


haha the Operating cracked me up! Good read!!!


September 29, 2016 @ 18:57


A-Z on point.. Lovely read

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