Liz Madowo,, Fashion Blogger, Style Blogger, Natural Hair, How to Maintain Dyed Natural Hair, Giveaway


By on May 3, 2017

Liz Madowo,, Fashion Blogger, Style Blogger, Natural Hair, How to Maintain Dyed Natural Hair, Giveaway

Hey guys,

I hope you’re well. Also, happy new month, May this month bring you closer to your dreams.

It’s been almost a year since my last hair post, so I figured it’s time for another update. I dye my hair quite a bit and someone suggested that I should do a video on how I maintain it. I haven’t shot a video so a post was the next best thing. If you guys have more questions, I’ll do a video.

Read to the end for the GIVEAWAY, since it’s related to the post. (Sorry, lots of words in this post but I promise, they’re helpful)

The first obvious step to dying hair is to use a good dye. This post won’t be of much help , if you don’t use a good dye. I have used less than the best dyes before but I wouldn’t recommend them, especially if you’re going the permanent way. I’ve used Dark and Lovely, for maroon hair, the purplish hair was from a brand called Nouveau, and the red is Revlon, which is one of the best dyes I’ve ever used.

Maintenance tips are:

  1. Deep Condition and Leave in Conditioner

Liz Madowo,, Fashion Blogger, Style Blogger, Natural Hair, How to Maintain Dyed Natural Hair, Giveaway

This is your  number one friend when you have dyed natural hair.  Dyeing hair is basically altering the structure of your hair, and this can result in a lot of breakage. Deep conditioning at least once every 1-2 weeks will help minimize the breakage, as it helps restore moisture. Dye =less moisture. Leave in conditioner on the other is vital for every day moisturizing. I’ll explain my not-groundreaking moisturizing regimen in a few.

I use the Cantu Deep Treatment Masque for deep conditioning, and the Leave In Conditioning Repair cream for moisturizing. (No, they didn’t sponsor this post). I also use the Marini Naturals “Goodbye Tangles” Leave in Conditioner, which was in this post. 

bonus: If you want your dye to stay longer, use a colour protect shampoo such as the one pictured above. L’oreal also has a great shampoo and leave in conditioner as well.

2. Moisturize

Liz Madowo,, Fashion Blogger, Style Blogger, Natural Hair, How to Maintain Dyed Natural Hair, Giveaway

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize…and once more, moisturize. Natural hair generally needs a lot of moisturizing but when you have dye, especially permanent dye, you’ve really gotta moisturize. Much more than the ordinary natural hair.

The most popular method, that I use as well is LOC, Liquid, Oil, Cream. Liquid, I’ll generally use water, just spritz it and then massage. Next up is Oil, and I use the coconut oil pictured above. It’s 100% pure coconut oil. Once in a while, I’ll mix in the Shea Butter from Binti’s Naturals. The final step is to use Cream, and this is where the Leave In Conditioner comes in.

Once this is done, my hair is sufficiently moisturised for the entire day.

3. Low Manipulation

Liz Madowo,, Fashion Blogger, Style Blogger, Marini Naturals, Marini Naturals Review

Dye generally weakens hair, hence the breakage and all that. The best way to reduce the breakage is to use very little to no manipulation. My favourite method is twist outs and my favourite is the Marini Naturals “Curl-Me-Pretty” Curling Butter, also featured in this post. Check it out to see how I achieve my twist outs, the method hasn’t changed much. Once in a while I mix the butter with Shea butter for even more defined twists.

Protective styles are also another way to ensure low manipulation.

4. Detangling

Now, am sure you’re wondering, what has detangling got to do with this? Well, hair generally tangles, which is why detangling after every wash is important. Seeing as there is a lot more breakage after dyeing hair, not detangling may actually make you lose more hair. Think about it this way; you get knots in your hair when you don’t detangle, and sometime you have to cut it all off when you’re unable to detangle it. Remember, your hair is already weak because of dye, so any sort of aggravation will just make it break, like pulling a knot of hair. So yes, detangling is key…

5. Trimming

For hair to grow, you have to trim it. If you’re chasing length, or just healthy hair, you have to trim your hair. Since hair breaks more because of dye, you have to trim it more frequently. So the final way to maintain dyed hair is by trimming it frequently, to minimise  I admit I’m guilty of this, since I don’t frequently trim my hair. The only reason is because I rarely go to the salon lately, but yes, trimming hair frequently is important.

Liz Madowo,, Kenyan Fashion Blogger, Youtuber, Kenyan Youtuber, 1 Pair of Pants, 4 Ways


  1. Comment below which two products you love, and why.
  2. If I like your answer, those two products are yours.
  3. Giveaway is only open to Kenyan residents.
  4. Giveaway winner will be announced next Wednesday.
  5. Best of luck.

PS: All of my products are from Nakumatt, except the Marini products that are from Marini store.

Also, watch my latest video below;



Wanjah Abbie

May 3, 2017 @ 20:10


Hey Liz
I’m a 2 year old natural currently in the ‘chasing length’ phase.

So in about a week ill be undoing my protective style(normal braids) and my favourite look is the rugged hair.

I love the pictured coconut oil but is a bit too expensive(student problems) and i’d love to try the ‘curl-me-pretty’ product on my 4C

Thank you in advance,
The girl whose hair shamelessly defies gravity 🙂


May 4, 2017 @ 09:41


Yeiy, first of all, I have always been inlove with the different colors you pull with your hair liz.
My current fav product;
1. is coconut oil mostly because, my hair is 4c and had some challenges getting it moisturized for the longest time possible, I wasn’t keen on it but i recently decided to be keen on moisturizing thanks to Sheila Ndinda and I have been loving Coconut oil. Its one thing that I cannot leave the house without applying when my hair is out.
2. The Marini Curling Butter. Contrary to our belief that kenyan products are below standard, this one just gives a different opinion. I have been faithfully using it since it was launched and I love how it gives me defined curls be it on Bantu knots or straw set. Speaking of which I have run out of it and i need to get some. Hopefully I wont have to go to beauty options #crossing fingers.

Towera Longwe

May 4, 2017 @ 11:23


Hi Liz 😀

I big chopped and dyed my hair about 6 months ago and have been wearing my hair out ever since. One product I would really love to try is the Gliss shampoo formulated specifically for coloured hair as I’ve found that my colour has faded more and more over time.

I would also really like to try the Marini Leave in conditioner because over these 6 months I have mostly used Cantu products on my TWA and this giveaway would be a good opportunity to branch out and try some new hair products 🙂

Jackline Adhaimbo

May 4, 2017 @ 11:24


Hello Liz.
I am one and half year naturalista and proudly rocking my African Kinky type 4c hair fearlessly, I always love deep conditioning my hair as it leaves my hair soft and less breakage. I love marini curl me pretty butter as it have natural ingredients made in Kenya which I am proud of, I love the way it gives my hair curls which can last for 2 to 3 days when i maintain well.It helps my twists outs last a week and everyone asks me what products I use on my hair. I laso love Cantu after having my protective styles for 4 weeks I use Cantu leave in as it repairs my hair and mostly my edges and it really moisturizes my hair.

Elizabeth mwaluko

May 4, 2017 @ 11:39


hi liz, i am loyal fan of your posts, you always slaying. i would love to try out the Marini leave in conditioner and the cantu deep treatment masque i hope both will work on my dreadlocks, i colored my locks with some cheap dye and the results was disastrous. my locks are brittle and i can notice some shading. thanks in advance

Christine kathure

May 4, 2017 @ 14:08


I love Marini products. There was a day I was in a Kenya bus and this Marini products agent sitted next to me convinced me to buy the curling butter. I bought it with hesitation since it was quite expensive for me but on trying it on trying it my hair curled so perfectly that I started saving up to buy it when I undo braids.
Cantu leave in conditioner is perfect for someone like me who hates sitting down in the salon for long. I just rub it in and voila!

Tabitha Ezra

May 4, 2017 @ 16:27


Hi Liz, happy new month to you too and may this month of May bring you closer to your dream as well.
I love the cover photo, you look stunning darling: the hair is wow and the entire outfit is just amazing.
I truly do appreciate these awesome tips coz I’m a naturalista and I’m sure you relate so well with the challenges that come with maintaining an African natural hair? hehe…
I haven’t tried dying my hair but I sincerely do admire a beautiful coloured hair and I’m sure I’ll try it one day.
About the two products I love here: Definitely, COCONUT OIL for moisturizing and MARINI LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER. I have always been in love with MARINI PRODUCTS, I’ve got to be honest though that i have never tried any of their products but i have loved and still do from a far. I’m in a sincere big hope that you would grab me one please so that I may finally it out hehe!!!.
Thank you so much Liz God bless you.

Veroncah muchangi

May 5, 2017 @ 07:18


Hey Liz am a beginner in natural hair journey and I must say you are the best thanks for all the tips. I loooove your hair #hairgoals. So for the giveaway I would like the Marini curl me leaves your hair with a good shine and also has the best scent and the coconut oil It is a good moisture sealer


May 6, 2017 @ 09:24


Hey Liz,
Am ecstatic that you finally posted on hair regimen this year.
My hair has been somewhat dry and the cantu deep conditioner would definately bring life into my hair.I love Marini curl butter…the definition people are obtaining after using it is so spot on,i would love to try it.


May 6, 2017 @ 12:15


Am glad you finally posted about your hair.
I’d love to obtain the curlingbutter from Marini.Not only does it give lovely definition but i’d like to compare the curls achieved with this product and my homemade flaxs seed + honey gel.
I like cantu DC cause it has the effect of moisturising my dry hair.

hilder okello

May 9, 2017 @ 19:59


Hello liz I have been reading blogs about which products to use for my natural and love everything about .However I have not been able to use them because i stay in the village and never got opportunity to buy them.My hair is that kangumu type with alot of breakages and I understand i need to deep condition and mosturize .cantu deep conditioner woukd of great help to reduce this breakages i get whenever Icomb my hair.Ooh and the coconut oil too i hear is a very good mosturizer .please let me have the experience of using such products so that I can also testify about them.Thankyou in advance

Gladys Bitok

May 10, 2017 @ 08:35


Hi liz,am a new beginner in natural hair 3moths old nw.I have been using coconut oil n it has done a good job.I have always wanted to try the the marini products but cant access it in Eldoret.I love your curly hair and the dye.

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