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By on January 26, 2017

Liz Madowo,, Life Lessons, Style Blogger, Fashion Blogger

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Why am I shouting at you guys? I’m just excited it’s the new year, and this is also my first post of the year. I hope the year has been good to you so far. If not, worry not, we have the whole year to go, it’s bound to turn around at some point.

I turned 25 on 18th of this month. I was telling a friend of mine that when I was younger, say 18 or 19, I used to think 24 year olds were soooo old. Then I was 24, and I somehow didn’t feel like I was even adulting right. Side note, when are they going to add adulting to the dictionary, even if it’s the Urban Dictionary. I mean, if you can add twerk, adulting deserves a spot right there.

But I digress…So I’ve been alive for quarter of a century now, and there are some valuable lessons I’ve learnt, that I intend to carry with me. Here they are:

  1. Travel Light. I say this often to friends and family, sometimes as a joke, often times am dead serious. Leave all the unnecessary baggage behind, Life is simultaneously too short and too long to travel with baggage. Learn to accept apologies you never got, leave toxic people behind and be good to people. You will sleep much better at night, trust me. Good sleep = prosperity, lol. Really though, you will prosper, trust me.
  2. Do the work. This is another lesson that I learnt earlier on in life. Keep your head down, and do the work. Put in the hours, put in your time. Everything else will come, in time. We are a generation of instant gratification, we want to be successful at the snap of a finger. Do the work, it builds your character and makes the success sweeter. There’s this quote, “two things define you, your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything”, and it perfectly sums up this point.

Liz Madowo,, Life Lessons, Style Blogger, Fashion Blogger

 3. Be a sponge. Be willing to learn, no one person knows everything, but everyone knows something. There’s always something new you can learn. Just yesterday, I learnt a new thing on Excel, and here I was, thinking I know enough basic Excel to help me accomplish tasks thrown at me. My point is, I was willing to learn, and I learnt. Being a sponge is literally absorbing things, so in this case, absorb all the information you can, when you still can. You never know how it might benefit you, and even if it doesn’t, it doesn’t hurt to know things. For example, did you know there’s a phenomenon referred to as the Baader Meinhof? No? Well, google it, you might just learn something new.

4. Love, unconditionally. Give love, freely. Either love, or don’t, but don’t do it conditionally. If someone is so awful, then just cut them out of your life, another lesson that’s also very good. But if you do want them in your life, then accept them as they are and love them, unconditionally. No one likes conditional love, not even you. If it’s someone you can’t cut out, then love them from afar. This is still unconditional love, just from far.

5. PRAY. This is the most important lesson I’m taking with me into 25. They say grace will take you places hustling can’t. I’ve seen this first hand not only in my life, and loved ones’ lives. Pray for things you want, tell God your dreams, then put in the work. In HIS time, it shall all come to pass.

Liz Madowo,, Life Lessons, Style Blogger, Fashion Blogger

Thank you all for reading, for being with me the whole of last year, and the year before, and the one before that. I appreciate you guys more than you could ever imagine. I hope and pray 2017 brings with it great tidings.

PS: This outfit is a preview from my Ankara Lookbook video that will be on my channel tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for that.

As always, STAY FEARLESS…in your work, in life, in love, in faith


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