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“Which is odd because you’d think as a fashion blogger, I can dress for whatever occasion.And I can, except when the occasion presented is dressing for the office. “ Good morning from a rather cold Nairobi. How are you guys? I don’t know how to dress formally. My ideal office is one where the dress […], fashion blogger, Mix n Match

“This particular one is a bodycon dress that does great justice to my legs and derriere. I especially like the fact that it’s long sleeved so it doesn’t overdo the sexiness.”     Hey people? This outfit is perfectly matched, I think. Everything goes with something. The top with the skirt, the shoes with the […], style blogger, Sukuma Wiki

  “I usually hesitate to make such declarations about my clothes because then what follows is incessant wearing until it falls apart. It’s not pretty at all! “Hey people? Can you believe June is practically over? I keep telling my friends Christmas is almost here but they don’t listen. Now it’s only six months away. […]

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