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LIZ MADOWO,, leopard and green

  In retrospect, I have been saying that a lot lately about practically every cloth I wear. This also feels like dejavu. Hey guys? Looking forward to the holiday that is coming up on Friday? Well, some of us have to work sadly, oh well.. Trying really hard to be more consistent in this blogging […]

LIZ MADOWO,, skirting

  “I hate the very idea that wearing skirts makes me more of a girl than my pants do. I’m a sit-with-feet-up-and-legs-crossed kind of girl, and not feet-on-the-floor-hands-on-the-laps girl. ”   Photos by Sam Ngengi  Hey people? The title of my post is rather obvious, or so you think… I am not a girlie girl. I […]

LIZ MADOWO,, sweatshirt love

Hey guys? How have you been? I’m sure I sound like a broken record but I’m sorry for going MIA, again. Let’s just say, my body is not about the waking up at 5am life after sleeping for only 5 hours. It is not taking it well, at all. So I really really love this […]

  Long long before I started filling in my brows, and applying mascara and eyeshadow and all that shebang, I would apply lipstick… Photos By Sam Ngengi Happy new month everyone. I hope this month brings with it lots and lots of joy. I also hope you don’t get fooled tomorrow.  Now that I think […]

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