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Hey people? Trust you have been good and that you are having a good week so far. My jumpsuit today is a direct juxtaposition of the one in my previous post.  Whereas the other one is a daytime look, this is a nighttime look. Red carpet even, if you will. The other one was loose […]

Wassup guys? I hope you guys had a good weekend. I have been trying to read a bit more lately. So far, mostly online articles. I’ll get on the books bandwagon soon. A book every week will be the way to start when I finally start. In line with this, I want to start an […]

 Hey guys? Happy new year! Even though the first month of the year is almost over and some of us already had our birthdays.  But, it’s still a new year. So exciting, gosh! Plus, we moved to a new site! How exciting is that? In even more exciting news, my birthday was on Sunday and […]

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