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Photos by Sam Ngengi Hey guys? I have been trying to upload this post since Tuesday with no success. Airtel internet connection is crap in Eldoret. Like absolute total crap. Yeah I said it. I have serious beef. Like why do I have to put my phone strategically or go to my friend’s house since […]

Photos by Sam Ngengi Happy new week people. Rather, happy last week of November. Can you believe it? The year is coming to an end, already. And, I am finishing school. Two awesome things happening in one year. Can this year get any better? Really looking forward to the new year. Though in retrospect, I […]

Photos by Sam Ngengi Hi people? How have you guys been? Usually when I hear people saying school is crazy, I go like, yeah right. Because for me, school had never really been crazy. At least not until now. You guys, school has been crazy.  I never thought I would live to hear myself say […]

Photos by Sam Ngengi Hi people?  I have missed you all over here. It’s been almost two weeks since I last blogged. I had a great time in Addis and I hope I get my life together this week and put up a few of the photos I took. Speaking of getting my life together, […]

Hey Guys, Sidney Aburi here (@Sidney_Aburi) Liz’s Friend. So While Liz was away her blog was our playing ground as you can see. I wish I could say I have done this before but for the sake of Liz’s blog’s credibility i shall ‘maintain’. I am a big fun of tweed blazers because they give […]

Hi Guys I am @GilbertKamaliza ( Instagram and Twitter ) ..I am a friend of LIZ  from Malawi ,Liz asked me to be her guest on the blog before she left for ADDIS and i was like why not ..I am not a model but i love taking photos so it was more like still […]

Hey guys, check out my new blogpost

Photos by Sam Ngengi Happy new month everyone! Oh, the joys that come with Christmas! Because yes, the best thing about November is that it is the month just before the month when Christmas is. I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year. Maybe because I’m probably gonna be done with my undergrad or because […]

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